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JustBIM Plan is a PDF-based quantity survey software. No more paper documents or measurement-by-measure quantity surveys. With JustBIM, you can quantify and quote at the same time, thanks to the pricing tools that calculate the services required on the basis of the dimensions and parameters entered.

JustBIM uses libraries on the market or Excel content that you have imported or retrieved from DeviSOC. You use this content to calculate the cost of the many services associated with the graphic quantity take-offs.

JustBIM quantifies and estimates your projects directly and interactively, and can be connected to Excel or DeviSOC to create complete files of CCTP, DPGF, DCE, etc.

Do you need to calculate lengths, areas, quantities and volumes from a plan? JustBIM Plan is for you! JustBIM Plan is the quantity surveying software designed for all those involved in construction:
  • Quantity surveyors Design offices for all building trades Project managers and architects General contractors Single-family home builders Local authorities and town halls Construction companies Electricians, plumbers, painters, tilers, plasterers, bricklayers, roofers.

Software for estimating costs and quantities on PDF plans

Assign your services and items to the quantity take-offs to calculate the details of your estimate or DQE. You get a detailed quantity take-off, a detailed costing per service/item and a simulation of the construction cost in real time.

The legend and location map are automatically generated in PDF or image format.

All the costing is then presented by trade, by object or by classification. Everything can be exported to Excel or connected to DeviSOC.

  • Import your content and service libraries (Excel, CSV and DeviSOC formats)
  • Importing multiple PDFs into the same project
  • Addition of new parameters on metrics to create new formulas
  • breakdown of prices and quantities . one quantity survey = several services
  • Display of quantity reports organised by trade, ratio, building, etc.
  • Export results by trade to create a consultation file
Exemples d'usages

Discover all the uses of JustBIM for quantity takeoff and quantity survey

Revêtements extérieurs JB
Les facades
Measure your floor coverings quickly, subtracting any gaps to obtain rough, clean surfaces.
JB plinthes
Paint and tiles
Quickly calculate the lateral surfaces of paint or tiles from simple lines drawn on the plan. Simply add the height indication. You can add door and window openings to obtain a net surface area.
Volumes JustBIM Plan
Draw surfaces directly on the plan, indicate the height and you'll get the volumes.
Interface avec surfaces
Coverings by spaces
Indicate the area of interest directly on the plan to obtain its surface area, deduct the openings and combine your services.
Longueurs cloisons
Partitions, walls, borders...
Draw the various linear elements on the plan (walls, partitions, soffits, borders, gutters, etc). Each measuring tool in the template can be reused in any project.
Compteur des fenêtres
Element counters
Don't forget any items by using the Counter tool, which leaves a visual indication of each item counted. This tool is particularly useful for electricians, plumbers and other building mechanics.
Composition fenêtre
Integration of non-drawn elements
Are any elements or objects not graphically represented on the plan? JustBIM allows you to add elements that are not represented graphically to the costing. A window, for example, can be used to deduct quantities for the lintel or joinery.
Cost reporting
Obtain the quantities for each service, from which the total costs can be calculated. Costing is accelerated by the ability to associate zones or objects (a room, for example) with assemblies of works to quantify related services: wall, floor or ceiling coverings, etc.
Export, connect
Once the project has been costed, you can send the results (the quantity take-offs by trade) in the form of a bill of materials to Excel or DeviSOC. You can then use the results to obtain your documents: CCTP, DQE, DPGF...


JustBIM adds the following features:

New ‘Room‘ function for quantifying all room coverings  and skirting boards with a single contour. Openings on the sides of the room are deducted from the paint and faience surfaces.

3D modelling of Walls, columns, foundations, rooms, slabs, openings and hoppers objects directly on the PDF plan. You add missing elements to your model directly on your plan. You can quickly see the impact of your quantity survey in 3D, and easily check heights and volumes.

Demander une démonstration
JustBIM Modélisation 2D-3D

DQE, CCTP and DPGF software

JustBIM goes further than simply using your plans and digital mock-ups. It allows you to obtain your specifications and written documents: DQE, DPGF, CCTP, etc.

The work carried out on JustBIM Plan (taking measurements, costing various services, etc.) and the results obtained form the basis of your written documents. The services are then retrieved and used for your consultation files, on Excel or on DeviSOC, thanks to the connection between the software.

Échange BIM - DeviSOC4
Try the software for 30 days
Download the trial version and test the software's full functionality.

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